Jen Says: I love you! Volunteers Rock!

Volunteers are the heart of our sale. It's fun and you'll find that many of the people you work with will volunteer at other sales. Pretty soon, you start recognizing "friends" when you volunteer at all of your favorite sales! Before signing up, please be sure to review the information on the following pages:

Volunteer Descriptions
Volunteer Benefits

As you fill out the volunteer registration form, please leave REGISTRATION positions for those who are pregnant/nursing an infant or have other health issues.

Meal Volunteers: Items are listed on our Volunteer Description page.

All increased splits are for the first $1000 (one thousand) of your sales. All sales over $1001, will revert to the 70/30 split. Please arrive 15 minutes early for instructions and placement. Children are not allowed at the sale during your volunteer time, unless they are nursing and you have requested a light duty position. Teenagers and youth are allowed to work certain shifts, however they must be working on a service project and come with the recommendation of a youth pastor or service project manager. I love our volunteers  : ) You rock!

1 shift: 75/25 split, waived fee, 5pm shopping
Sort + 1 Shift: 80/20 split, waived fee, 4pm shopping
Sort + 2 Shifts: 85/15 split, waived fee, 4pm shopping

Sort + Tuesday night Pre-sale + 1 shift: 85/15 split, waived fee, 3pm shopping *Limited number of spaces available*

Please remember that the Friday Night Sort is required for 4pm shopping and increases in splits beyond 75%. Volunteers will receive a "What to Expect" email prior to the sale.

It is the responsibility of the volunteer to sign the timesheet and keep up with their worked shifts. We use the volunteer timesheet to award increased vounteer percentages and waived fees. It is impossible for Jen to know that you worked if you do not fill out the time sheet. If you do not fill out the time sheet, we will be unable to waive fees and increase percentages. Please make sure that you sign in and out at the beginning and end of each shift. The time sheet is located in the kitchen, under the window.

If you are signing up to volunteer and intend to consign, you *MUST* sign up as a consignor. If consigning spots are full you *MUST* contact Jenifer and let her know of your intent to consign. Just signing up to volunteer does not mean you are consigning.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please Note: No-Show volunteers will not be allowed to participate in future events as a registered Volunteer, Consignor or New Mom.