If you love saving money, and we all LOVE saving money, then you MUST shop the sale! Here's a few things you need to know about shopping our sale.

All Sales are Final:

Once an item goes out the door, there is no way for us to know who's item that was. Because of this, all sales are final. However, we encourage you to inspect any and all items you'd like to purchase before purchasing them. If items are sealed in a bag, please ask a volunteer to help you so we may reseal the bag when you are done inspecting it.

Payments Accepted:

Cash or Checks. We only accept cash or checks at our sale. We are working with Metro police on how to make our sale safer and because of that we require a TN Drivers License or State Issued ID, in addition to a right thumb print. We do this to prevent identity theft. Should someone steal your checks and try and use them at our sale, your bank will be able to give a copy of the check with the thumbprint for you to give to the police.

No Large Bags, Purses, Back Packs or Diaper Bags:

Please do not bring any large bags into the sale unless they are EMPTY. Again, we are working with Metro Police to ensure the safety of our customers. It's an unfortunate reality of the world that we live in, so please leave all large bags at home.

Children Must Be Within Arms Length At All Times:

We know it's tempting to just let the toy aisles entertain your children while you shop. Consider how you would want your items treated if you were consigning with us. Our consignors work hard to prepare and present their merchandise. Unattended children tend to open packages, play on toys and have been known to walk out the door and into the parking lot unsupervised. For the safety of your children, please keep them next to you, and out from under the tables and racks.