What's New

What’s New in 2018 and Other Important Info

It's been another awesome year! As we say good bye to 2017, and hello to 2018, we're going to be making some adjustments to better serve you.

Consignor/Volunteer Change

Beginning in Spring 2018, we are now going to limit consignors based upon the number of volunteers that we have. Recently, we have been working on a skeleton crew, and quite frankly, we just aren't going to coninue to wear our current and loyal volunteers out. So beginning this year, we will open Volunteer registration early, and based upon the volunteer response, we will limit the numbers of consignors to the number of volunteers. At the end of the day, we want this event to be something that everyone looks forward too. Many hands on deck make that possible for shoppers and consignors alike!

Consignor Opportunities will be given in the following order:

  1. Volunteers
  2. Returning consignors in good standing from the last sale
  3. If additional consignor spaces are still available, we will open up registration the general public until we reach the number that is reasonable for our volunteers.

Fun Facts about volunteers and volunteer needs:

  • It takes approximately 1000 man hours to run a sale. We have been running on about 400 man hours.
  • Approximately 50% of our volunteers are consignors and 50% are shoppers who wwant to get in before the consignors.
  • 15% of our volunteers are grandparents.
  • 8 of our volunteers are men.
  • Volunteers save more money shopping before the consignors, even more than on half price day because they get to take advantage of those "make it go away" consignor deals!
  • We need meals and snacks every day because we can not leave the property, and our awesome volunteers really do work better when they're fed :)
  • We need 20 people per 100 consignors to work the sort (60 for a 350 consignor sale)
  • Many hands make light work!

Automated Tags

We have tried for many years to accept tags from other sales, but the reality is, we just can't get the consignors to format the tags properly, in size or in format. It's creating issues for tag pullers, tag sorters and cashiers. Beginning in 2018, we will no long be accepting any automated tags. We know some people like to break the rules and sneak automated tags in, so official policy is this: We do not accept automated tags. To discourage people from bringing automated tags, any money that comes from items with automated tags will be donated to the ministry of our choice. Do not bring them. 3x5 white index cards only. Yes, you can run your 3x5 index cards through the printer, but if your tag has a software name on it, a sale name on it, or is formatted from consignment sale software, save those items for the other sale. It's just creating too many problems for our tagging team and cashiers.

No Bags, Diaper Bags, Backpacks or Purses

We are working with Metro police on keeping our event safe for all visitors. Based upon their recommendations, we will no longer be allowing bags or packs of any size into the sale. Please do not be offended if you are asked to leave your diaper bags, packs and large purses in the car. Empty bags and totes are always welcome.

Wire Hangers

We will not be accepting any items hanging on plastic hangers. We do NOT accept any plastic hangers and items will be turned away at check in if they are not on wire hangers. I'm not trying to be difficult, my volunteers are just tired of picking merchandise up off the floor from broken hangers.


In an effort to get you through the check out quicker, our tagging format is now exclusively VERTICAL 3x5 WHITE index cards. We will not be accepting any horizontal tags or tags that are larger or smaller than a 3x5 WHITE ONLY index card. Over-zealous tape use, and incorrect pinning are hampering our efficiency during check out so please review the tagging pages to find out the correct way to tag for this sale. Tape and safety pins should be placed on the very top of the tag, so that the tag  (and all of it's pertinent information) may be removed with one clip of the scissors.

View our video on taping.
View our video on tags.

Be advised: Golden Safety Pin Awards are actually being awarded.


We will continue to be vigilant with items on the recall list. Please be sure to check the Safety First page of our website to find recall links. We will continue to update our recall notebooks at the sale, however, it isn't worth borrowing somebody's truck to bring an item that we will reject if it's found on the recall list. Because it is illegal to sell recalled merchandise, we will follow CPSC protocall in reporting consignors who sell recalled merchandise and will ban them from the sale. A child's life is not worth selling a recalled item.

Thumbprint ID's

In an effort to protect you, we began requiring thumbprint ID's on all checks in 2009. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response, we will continue to require thumbprints on all checks. Should someone use your checks without your permission at our sale, you will have the necessary identifying information that will assist local law enforcement.