Frequently Asked Questions

Consignor FAQ's

When can I expect my check? Checks are mailed 10 business days from the close of a sale. 10 business days does not include weekends or holidays. If a sale concludes on a Saturday, you can expect your check to go out in the mail on the second Friday, unless a Federal Holiday (such as Thanksgiving) should occur. Mail dates are posted on your consignor agreement and the consignor page of our website.

Can I get my tags back? No. Because of the waiting list, too many people are piggy backing on their friends consignor numbers to get into the sale. It's not fair to those who volunteer in order to have a space to consign. That and we are required by our CPA to keep them for 7 years for documentation of our taxes... because we are not automated. If seeing your tags is important to you, you are welcome to work the tag sort for the privilege of viewing your tags. Tag sorting is all day Weds, Thursday and Friday. You will need to work all 3 days of the tag sort in order to view your tags (otherwise they won't be sorted and available for viewing on Friday night).

I forgot to pick up. Can I pick up from you at a later date? All items not picked up are donated at 11:15am on Saturday following the conclusion of the sale. The church worships in the gym and we need to be out in order for them to set up for Saturday Evening Worship. If you forgot to pick up, rest assured that your items went to one of several non profits that we work with.

I have plans on Saturday. Can I pick up Friday night? Absolutely! Friday Night Sort Volunteers are able to take their items home with them after the sort. If you are not a Friday Night Sort Volunteer, pick up is Saturday from 9am-11am.

Who do you donate to? It depends on who has needs for the items that are left over. We work with Cross Point Church's Appalachian Mission Project, The Dar Project  and local rural Tennessee health clinics.

Volunteer FAQ's

Why should I volunteer? That is the age old question. Why should you volunteer? If you want to save money, you should volunteer. Volunteers receive the first pick of all the merchandise. There may be several identical play houses. One for $100, one for $90 and one for $25. By volunteering, you get your pick of the one that you want and have the oportunity to save significantly by having more choice. If you have boys ages 5 and up, you almost have to volunteer because boys are so hard on their clothes that the selection is always small. Speaking as a mother of boys ages 7 and 9, if you want boys clothes, volunteer! However, if you have an infant and clothes and supplies are in abundance for infants, then consider that you get a higher percentage back when you volunteer your time at the sale. First pick and more of your money back, why not volunteer?

I'm pregnant/nursing can I still volunteer? Absolutely! We have some shifts where you are able to sit (such as registration on Mondays or tag sorting on Weds/Thursday/Friday) and take care of your baby. There is a nursing mothers room for your convenience as well.

Who can be a snack/meal volunteer? Anyone can be a drink or meal volunteer. However, the snack and meal schedule is to be followed exactly as listed. For instance, if the meal schedule says Spaghetti, tossed salad and bread delivered at noon on Weds, that is the only meal and time that is available for that slot. Drink volunteers are limited to expecting or new moms only. Hey... we know how crazy life can be when you are about to have a new little one! Please keep these open only for those ladies who are physically unable to volunteer.

How should I dress? Dress comfortably. Wear sneakers. I can't stress enough that you will need comfy clothes and shoes. There is lots of walking and standing, moving tables, items and clothes. You will regret wearing those flats that are just fine at work, while you sit at your desk. Four hours of walking on the wooden gym floor will make you want your sneakers!

Shopper FAQ's

What type of payments to you accept? We accept cash and checks. At Once Around the Block Kids we know that we can make more money by accepting credit cards. It is true that shoppers will spend more on plastic than they will if they pay with cash. But we don't want you to be paying on used kids clothes for the next 4 years. It defeats the purpose of getting a good deal. With the current state of the economy, we want to help you, not hurt you. Consigning is a great way to "exchange" the items you don't need for the items you do and allow you to stay within your budget.

Can I bring my children to the sale? Of course you can, during public sale hours. However, please keep your children with you at all times. If your child is left unattended and they are destroying consignors packaging, you will be responsible for paying for those items.