The Golden Safety Pin Award

The Golden Safety Pin Award

I love my volunteers! During our Spring 2009 Sale they created a new award for those illustrious taggers who get a little overzealous with the attachment and placement of their tags. Our volunteers found a couple of consignors who just did not want to sell their items clearly indicated by the fact that we could not get their tags off! But our volunteers endured reams of packing tape, missing tag numbers and prices, and sticky note tags.

But despite the grumbling that may have occurred, they came up with a new award called the Golden Safety Pin. Doesn't that sound prestigious? I have to credit my volunteers for that one.

Beginning with the Back to School sale in July, if you are awarded the Golden Safety Pin by our staff of volunteers, the next time you consign with us, you will also be volunteering for the Tuesday Night Presale in the tag removal line. Having to remove tags quickly with a line of people waiting to check out will help you better understand why we ask that you not place your safety pin under your consignor number, why we request that you not use excessive use of packing tape and most importantly, why you can not tape all sides of your tag so that we can not get it off.

We appreciate your effort to tag your items, but wanting to keep your tag on sometimes prohibits it from coming off. We're so convinced that you'll get a new understanding of how to tag your items, that you'll never think about using that entire roll of packing tape on one item again!

The Golden Safety Pin will be Awarded for the following tagging violations:

  • taping over safety pins on clothes
  • hooking the tag just once with a safety pin instead of twice
  • taping over your entire tag on toys, videos, books and equipment
  • placing your safety pin below your consignor number instead of above it
  • excessive use of packing tape
  • using straight pins instead of safety pins
  • using paper tags/sticky notes or other paper instead of index cards
  • sealing index cards inside of sealed zip lock baggies
  • sealing baggies with scotch tape instead of clear packing tape

Receiving the Golden Safety Pin isn't a bad thing. Did you know that 1/2 of our lead volunteers were initially tag violation offenders? Now they volunteer with us extensively! In fact, I was also a tag violation offender myself, until I had to remove tags : ) oops. But not to worry, we still love you and you might actually have fun volunteering with us!

So, check out the tag guidelines and item prep for anything you have questions on. We do things the way that most of the sales in Nashville do, so you shouldn't be conflicting with your item prep.