Stain Removal Tips

Stain Removal Tips

My favorite pretreater is Zout and Shout. Between the two of those, they get just about anything out. However, for really tough stains, check out the following tips.

We are making the assumption here that all of your fabrics are washable and you should pretreat with any chemical in an inconspicuous area of the fabric before you proceed.

Baby Formula/Spit Up/Rust Stains:

White: Dab with wet lemon juice and lay it in the sun. Repeat as neccessary.

Colored: Make a paste of cool water and Unseasoned Meat Tenderizer. Rub into the stain and let sit for an hour. Launder as usual.

Berries/Red Kool Ade:

Wine Away Red Wine Stain Remover. Follow directions on the lable and launder immediately after use.

Blood: For you Mothers of boys!

Fresh Blood: Try your saliva first. The enzymes break down the blood. Apply cornstarch to stain and flush with cool water from the back side. 3% hydrogen peroxide flush. After any of these, pretreat and launder as usual. Quicker is better.

Dried Blood: Try a paste of cool water and Biz All Fabric Bleach. Apply to stain and let sit for a couple of hours. Pretreat and launder as usual.

Fruit/Fruit Juice:

Flush with cold water immediately. Follow up with working in laundry detergent rubbed between your thumbs. Next is a hot water flush. If stain persists, follow up with a paste of 20 Mule Team Borax and warm water. Let mixture dry and brush off. Repeat with 20 Mule Team Borax paste if stain remains, launder as usual if it is gone.

Grass Stains:

Run a white (non gel) toothpaste into grass stains. Rub well, then launder as usual. Zout works great as well.

Ink Stains:

Dip stain in rubbing alcohol. Allow to sit until ink is removed. Launder as usual.

Ketchup/Spaghetti Sauce/BBQ Sauce:

Flush with cool water from the back of the stain. Apply white vinegar and flush again with cool water. Apply Wine Away Red Wine Remover as directed.


Moisten with lemon juice, sprinkle with salt and lay flat in the sun.


Allow mud to dry. Once dry, suck up the mud with the hose attachment on your vacuum. Rub the cut side of a potato over the mud stain (I know it's weird) and then launder as usual.

Ring Around the Collar:

Try rubbing in plain old shampoo to dissolve the oils from the neck area.

Soft Drinks:

Soak stain with one part alcohol and one part cool water. The follow up with equal parts of 3% hydrogen peroxide and cool water. Wait 30 minutes. If stain is gone, launder as usual, if not repeat process.