Preparing Your Tags

Preparing Your Tags

Rule #1: Your consignor number MUST match the number you registered with. I know... sounds too simple right? You'd be surprised at how many people don't bring the proper consignor number and we end up having conflicts. If you bring something other than your registered number, you will have to re-tag before drop off. In an effort to reduce your wait at check out and ensure an accurate consignor payment, we require ALL tags to be formatted as a Vertical 3x 5 index card tag. Rule #2: Please review the Tagging Do's and Don'ts before you start to write your tags.

One and Half (1.5) Inches from the Top

Start at least one and a half inches down from the top. Do not write in that top one and a half inch area you are going to place your safety pin or your tape. If you write above the one and a half inch area, there is an increased chance that your tag will become separated from your vital information, such as your consignor number. When the tag is removed, your consignor number needs to be well below your tape or your safety pin.

Upper Left Area

On the upper left (but not in violation of the 1 inch area) you will put your consignor number which unless you have something you prefer, will be your first and last initials and the last 4 digits of your phone number.

Upper Right Area

Right across from that on the right hand side is the size of the item. Please use a number such as 8 instead of Medium. If we aren't sure what size it is, it may end up in the wrong place. If it's in the wrong place, it won't sell. You can't make lots of money. So if you want it to sell, take your best guess as to what size it is. Think about what size your child was when they wore it. Also indicate if an item is boy or girl, only if it looks like something we may not recognize right off as being a particular gender. Some things are pretty obvious, but others are not and it will help insure that we get things in the right area.

Middle Area

In the middle should be a brief description of the item. Baby Gap Jeans with Butterflies. This allows the buyer to see that it is a Gap Product and should the tag become separated from the jeans, we have enough information to get the two back together again.

Bottom Right Corner

Bottom right corner is reserved for the price. Price in whole dollars only. I will round the price down to the nearest whole dollar when it comes to the register if you price in .25 or .50 cent increments. Please just don't do it. It messes with my head if I have to figure out those prices on half price day!

No Discount mark

I'm not really particular about what kind of mark you use as long as it is a red dot or a red ND. Please make it BIG, BOLD and NEXT to the price. Think of this way. Grab a stack of tags you have already filled out. In a hurry flip through them. You will notice that a big, bold dot next to the price will jump out and yell "STOP! I AM NOT HALF PRICE!" In the hustle and bustle of the half price sale, we need to have a great big stop sign put next to the price.















Please Note:

  • No Discount mark must be a reddot or redND and be located next to the price.
  • Only 1 consignor number per tag.
  • The consignor number used, must match the number that was registered.
  • Your initials must accompany your chosen number.
  • No tape or safety pins should be placed on or below the consignor number.
  • No tape should be placed on or above the price.
  • Tape can not be placed on more than 1 side of a tag.
  • You may NOT change a price on a tag. No white out, No stickers, No crossing out prices! Do not EVER change a price on a tag for ANY reason.

We will Not Accept Any of the Following Tags:

  • Horizontal tags
  • Smaller or larger than 3x5 index card tags
  • Colored Index Cards