Packaging Shoes

Shoes to Size Five (5)

There is a limit of five (5) pairs of shoes due to the shear volume of shoes we receive.

There are lots of ways to package shoes. My personal favorite is the ziplock baggy for small shoes. They tend to stay together better and the tags don't get lost as easily when attached to a bag.

However, you can also use zip ties and tie the shoes together by attaching the zip tie through two shoelace eyelets or the tabs that can sometimes be found on the back of the shoes. You can safety pin a tag to that zip tie.

Be sure to add a small piece of masking tape to the bottom of the shoes with your consignor number and selling price in case the tag becomes separated from the shoes.

Please note that we do not accept sneakers unless they look brand new.

One last note on shoes – if you bought your kids matching shoes, one for big sister and one for little sister, please double check that you are including two (2) of the same sized shoes together. No, I'm not joking, this actually happens!








Putting tape on the under side of your shoe allows to know who these shoes belong to should the tag get lost. I don't know what it is about shoes and tags, but if something is going to lose a tag, it will usually be the shoes.Please note: This is not a substitute for a proper tag, it is an additional measure to help us sell your shoes should the tag become separated from the shoe.







Tie your shoes together and use rubber bands to keep them together.







Presentation of shoes if you don't want to put them in a zip lock bag.







Presentation of shoes if want you to put them in a zip lock bag. Notice that the tag is taped on the OUTSIDE of the bag and is not sealed INSIDE the bag.







One more technique that works excellent is to use a hole punch and punch two holes in your tag, then lace your laces through the holes and tie them in a knot. If you are going to use this technique I recommend that you double your tag over and also place clear packing tape on your tag before you hole punch. This will give you extra strength on your tag and keeps the tag from falling off.







Notice how the tag is folded over and the laces are tied in a knot.