Packaging Media

Packaging Media

I recommend that you use blue painters tape when packaging media. It holds your tags on securely, yet will not damage a book or DVD cover.

VHS Tapes

Due to lack of demand, we no longer accept VHS tapes.


G or PG rated only. Child appropriate. Yes, that John Wayne Western may be PG, but no, it won't sell and no, we don't accept it. Please make sure that the DVD's you submit are appropriate for kiddo's.

Make sure that you use blue painters tape to attach your tag on just one side and the artwork won't be damaged by packing tape.

Video Games: Systems and Individual Games

We do not accept video games or game systems because they grow legs and walk away. Even the sealed ones! McKays is two exits away and they'll be happy to buy your used games and game systems.

Educational Game Systems

Leapsters, Leap Pads etc are accepted into the sale. Make sure that you package game cartridges on cardboard so that they can be seen. Because of the growing popularity of tablets, price these items cheap, or they won't sell.


Books sell best when they are individualized. If you want to package them together, you can, but they sell better as an individual item. Make sure that you use blue painters tape to attach the tag and it will help keep the book cover from damage when removing the tag. Again, only one piece of tape along the top of the tag will suffice.