You've been to a few sales and now you're finally ready to consign!

Consigning can be an overwhelming process to a first time consignor, but broken down into bite sized chunks, it's easy, fun and exciting when that big, fat, check comes in the mail! While most sales are similar in how they run, please take a few minutes to review our specific policies and procedures so you know exactly how to tag and how to prepare for this sale. While it may not make sense to do things we ask that you do, if you volunteer in the check out lines or are one of the volunteers who has to match up handwriting for someone who put their consignor number too high, you'll understand that we have rules for a reason, and not just to be difficult. So dive in and start with the Consignor Information page and then be sure to check out the how to prepare pages and videos. It really does make it easier when everyone follows the rules.

Almost all of the FAQ that consignors ask, can be found on the Consignor Information page. When, where, what, how. Important dates about drop off, pick up and when you'll receive your checks can all be found there as well. Make sure you read the Consignor Information page before sending an email about when checks will be released, or when drop off is. Due to the shear amount of emails I receive, I am sometimes unable to respond to questions that can be found there.

We're excited you're interested in consigning with us! Let's get started! You can register for the upcoming sale when registration opens at our Once Around the Block Kids registration site.


Be sure to follow us on facebook to stay up on important dates and information about the sale... Like when regsistration opens!